At G.P.S. decors & Wedding decorators we provide you with the most unique and fascinating way of making your wedding the most memorable and eventful one. Our wide array of services and customer help enables us to serve you better so that you keep coming back to us repeatedly for any event or wedding that you may need to organize.

When you have your wedding theme decided, it is time that you decide on the kind of backdrop you want as well. You may think that this could be a casual issue but that is where you can go horribly wrong. The prime reason why we stress on making your backdrop look stunning is because when you go over your wedding pictures ten or twenty years down the line, the one common thing that your going to see is the backdrop. Whether it is with you and your husband, your bridesmaids, the maid of honor and best man or the flower girls, the backdrop will remain. Therefore, if you have some kind of boring, dull plain wall staring back at you from the photograph, there is a good possibility that you may regret not having organized your backdrop setting properly. That when we enter the scene. At G.P.S. deors & Wedding decorators, we have all the exclusive packages and highly organized professionals to help you plan out the backdrop for your wedding.

Will you opt for a neutral, traditional backdrop?
Choose white or ivory draping. Feel free to add a punch of colour. Adding a single layer draping across the top of your backdrop, and some flood lights, will create an elegant ambiance to your wedding reception. Do you want to go with something flashy and extravagant? Will you go for a more complex design? Will you choose to incorporate the colours you have already selected for your theme? Maybe you choose one colour for your backdrop and then experiment with different shades of that colour, creating depth and interest.

Would you prefer a white backdrop so the rest of your colour decor will really pop?
But remember its not all about colour. You will also need to think about fabrics and lighting. Do you want clear or coloured lighting? Or both? And that not all. We offer a wide range of accessories for you to choose from including florals, crystal columns, crystal curtains, lanterns, and extended wall draping.

Use your imagination to conjure up ideas of what you want your big day to look like. Tell us what your thinking, and we will put together something magical, just for you. Backdrops need to work with the rest of your decor. All of your wedding decor needs to come together and meet harmoniously. We can help you do that.

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